Navo for SharePoint supports almost all sites and pages in SharePoint online, including both modern and classic experiences. If you've set up Navo for SharePoint and Navo isn't showing up in your SharePoint tenancy, it could be a few things.

Navo is not enabled on the site

The first step is to check if Navo is enabled for the site collection. Opening the manage SharePoint page lets you see where Navo is currently enabled, and enable or disable Navo on any site collection. You can also turn on Tenant Wide Mode, which adds Navo to all modern sites in your tenancy. However, classic sites need to explicitly have Navo added to them

If your site isn't showing up in the table, clicking Can't find your sitelets you manually enter in the site URL to enable or disable the site.

Navo has been disabled on the site

If Navo is enabled on the manage SharePoint page but still not showing up, it may be disabled through another method. Please check that:

  • You don't have noMasthead in your address bar
  • If using our custom script feature, it doesn't disable Navo on some sites or generate errors.
  • If the site is a classic site, you're not using a custom master page that conflicts with Navo.

The site is not supported

Although Navo supports most SharePoint pages, there are some pages that fall outside of our scope. Currently, those pages are:

  1. System pages on Modern SharePoint Sites (Site Settings, List Settings, etc.)
  2. Classic lists on Modern SharePoint Sites (either lists without a modern experience, such as the calendar, or lists set to use the classic view)

There is an issue with your Navo account

In some rare cases, there may be an issue with your Navo account, and you'll need someone from our support team to assist. If that's the case, reach out to our support team and they will assist you with your issue.