It's time to customize your Navo menu. You can add your company logo, change the display style of icons and menus, and even customize the colour of the SharePoint Navo banner

Start by navigating to the Display icon palette on the left side of the screen

From here you'll see tabs for "GENERAL" AND "SHAREPOINT" displays.

Clicking the tabs will let you change the display style options for Navo's general view in the app, browser extension, and Teams version, or the SharePoint specific view. SharePoint offers a few different options like colour customization for the toolbar.

Uploading a Logo

Logos can be uploaded in either PNG or JPG format and will be displayed in the top left corner of Navo.

You can upload light and dark versions in the general view, and one option for SharePoint. SharePoint only gives one option because users will all have the same colored SharePoint toolbar you select. 

We recommend uploading an image at double size to look great on high-resolution screens. For example: 360px by 80px. The maximum dimensions that will display in SharePoint are 180px wide by 40px high.

If you upload a full-colour logo for SharePoint, consider selecting Add a white background behind logo to avoid clashing with the menu background colour.

Choosing Colours

To make the SharePoint version of Navo match your organization’s look and feel, you can set your colours by using the colour picker or by entering in a hex code.

Use the Accessibility Preview to make sure that you have chosen colours that provide optimal contrast for your users. We included this feature to show whether or not your choice of colours meets the World Wide Web Consortium recommendation for contrast ratio.