It’s time to get started with customizing your Navo! Since creating menu items is essentially Navo’s backbone, it’s important to know how to do so.

Adding Menu Items

To add your first menu item, choose Add an item. A dialog will appear and ask you to enter the following information:

  • Title – This is the text that will display on screen to your users.
  • URL – This is the web address that your link will go to. It can be anything you like – it’s not limited to within SharePoint. Note: If child items are added to this item later, this URL will become disabled, since clicking this parent item will expand to show its children.
  • Launch Behaviour – Here you can specify whether you want your link to open in the same window, or open a new window instead. Opening in a new window may be a good choice for external links, for example.
  • Display Style
    • Text Only – This will only display the text that was entered into the Title field.
    • Text with icon – This option allows you to add a symbol to the left of the link title. You can choose an icon from the picker below this field.
    • Icon only – This option is available for top-level navigation items only. It’s a great way to fit several links into a small amount of screen space. Please note that in Responsive Mode, these items will use the Text with icon display style.
    • Icon – If your chosen Display Style includes an icon, the Icon Picker will appear. Clicking on it will allow you to choose an icon.

Adding a menu item

Using Drag & Drop

You can reorganize menu items you’ve created by simply dragging and dropping them in their desired location. This becomes exceptionally useful if you have multiple menus with sub-menus.

Creating Sub-menus

Once you’re ready to add some depth to your Navo, create a new menu item you wish to store inside another menu item. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to drag and drop it under whichever menu item you want. To do so, you will also have to drag the sub-menu item to the right of its parent menu item. After you’ve made some sub-menus, your navigation should look something like this:

Menus with sub-menus

That’s all there is to it! Using this, you should be able to construct an elaborate series of menus within menus. Don’t go too crazy though, too many menus can be overwhelming for users.