Chances are not everybody will need access to every resource you provide in your menu. For example, your billing team might not need access to HR resources and vice versa. Or, you may be sharing your menu with clients or external users.

Audiences in Navo let you limit access to menu items to select groups of users in your organization. The first step is to create an audience. Once you've done that, you can assign links or folders to that audience, requiring people to be in that audience to view the menu items.

How Audiences Work

Audiences in Navo come in two types: Navo Audiences and Azure Groups. Both audiences can be used for trimming menus, but each type manages users differently. As well, depending on your type of account, you may only have access to one type of audience.

Navo Audiences

Note: Navo audiences are only available on non-legacy accounts. If you have a Navo legacy account, contact our support team about updating you account.

A Navo Audience is an audience that is managed by Navo and lets you assign active and pending users in your organization. You can have up to 100 members in a Navo audience.

Azure Groups

Note: Azure groups can only be used by accounts that are linked to an Azure Active Directory tenancy.

Azure Groups are audiences that, although added to Navo, are not actually managed by Navo. Instead, membership is based off of the linked Azure group and managed in your organization's Azure portal. This includes adding new users, removing users, or creating an entirely new group.

A group is added to Navo by referencing the Azure group ID and giving the group an easy to remember name. Once an audience is created, only the name of the audience can be edited.

Creating an Audience

  1. Open the Audiences page in the Admin Centre
  2. Click the ADD NEW button
  3. Fill out the details for the audience:
    • Select a type based on how you want to manage users for the audience. Note: Depending on your account type, you may not see this option.
    • Enter the name of the audience. The name is only used to refer to the audience when in the Admin Centre
    • If making an Azure Group - Enter the Azure Group ID you wish to use
    • If making a Navo Audience - Assign users to the audience by searching for them using the Select a user field. An audience can have from 0 to 100 users in it
  4. Click CONFIRM to finishing adding the audience to Navo

Editing an Audience

  1. Open the Audiences page in the Admin Centre
  2. Hover over the audience you wish to edit and click the create to edit it
  3. Make any changes you want to the audience:
    • Changing the name of the audience will update all references to it
    • If the audience is a Navo Audience, you can also assign and remove users from it
  4. Once your happy with your changes, click the CONFIRM button to save your changes

Assigning a Link or Folder to an Audience

  1. Open the Edit Menu popup of the menu item you want to change
  2. Open the Audiences dropdown and select the audiences you want to see this menu item
    • If you don't see the Audiences option, you need to first add an audience to Navo
  3. Click Save to confirm your changes

When security trimming a menu item, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • A menu item can be trimmed to multiple audiences. Trimming to multiple audiences means any member of any of the audiences can see the menu item.
  • A link is automatically trimmed to the same audiences as the folder it's in. The link can be trimmed to less audiences, but can only be trimmed to audiences the parent folder is also a part of.
  • Trimming does not secure an item. Security trimming allows you to hide menu items, but it doesn't lock down the tool you're linking to.
  • If a folder only has one link, the folder and link must have the exact same audiences. If not, the folder would appear as blank to some users which could confuse them.