Chances are in your organization, not everybody will need access to every resource you provide. For example, your billing team might not need access to HR resources and vice versa. Security Trimming lets you limit access to links to select groups of users in your organization. In Navo, security trimming uses your existing Azure Active Directory groups to limit users.

To use security trimming you must:

  • Have a Microsoft 365 connected Navo account
  • Have existing Azure Active Directory Groups
  • Add the group to Navo
  • Assign a menu to that group

Since we use your Azure Active Directory groups for security trimming, any management of the groups needs to be done through your Azure Portal. This includes adding new users, removing users, or creating an entirely new group.

Adding a Security Group

  1. Open the Security Groups page in the Admin Centre
  2. Click the ADD NEW button at the bottom of the page
  3. Enter the Name of the group and the Azure Group ID
  4. Click CONFIRM to finishing adding the group to Navo

Assigning a Menu to a Group

  1. Open the Edit Menu popup of the menu item you want to change
  2. Open the Trim to Groups dropdown and select the groups you want to see this menu item
    • If you don't see the Trim to Groups option, you need to first add a security group to Navo
  3. Click Save to confirm your changes

When security trimming a menu item, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • A menu item can be trimmed to multiple groups. Trimming to multiple groups means any member of any of the groups can see the menu item.
  • A menu item is automatically trimmed to the same groups as the folder it's in. The menu item can be trimmed to less groups, but can only be trimmed to groups the folder is also a part of.
  • Security trimming does not secure an item. Security trimming allows you to hide menu items, but it doesn't lock down the tool you're linking to.