Having second thoughts about recent changes you’ve made to your Navo? Luckily, anytime you publish or save a version of Navo, we store the old version. You can restore then manage your old version through the admin centre.

Version History

Version history in Navo lets you preview old versions and edit or republish them. You can find previous version in the Version History Table.

The Version History Table lets you restore and preview old versions, and shows you information on each version. The information includes when it was saved or published, the comment made when changing Navo, the version number, and whether the version is a Major or Minor Version.

Versions saved as drafts appear as Minor Versions while versions that were saved and published appear as Major Versions.

How to Restore a Previous Version

  1. Open the Navo Editor
  2. Click the more_horiz beside the Publish Button in the top right of your screen and select History.
  3. Page through the table that appears until you find the version you want to restore
  4. Click the more_horiz beside the version you chose and click Restore
  5. Once the version is restored, you can make any changes you want to it, and it will save as a new version. If you want to use the restored version, make sure to Publish it for everyone in your organization.