Once you’re happy with changes you’ve made to your Navo, you’ll either save your changes as a draft or save your changes and upload them to your SharePoint site.

Saving Changes as a Draft

If you’ve made some minor changes to your Navo but you’re not quite ready to show the world, you can save your changes as a draft. You can do this by clicking Save Draft in the top right corner of the page. Doing so should open the following prompt:

Saving changes

Give a brief description of changes you’ve made in the space provided. After you have done this, click Save. You’ll receive a save confirmation message at the top of your page if the version saved successfully.

Save confirmation

Saving drafts will not make changes to your SharePoint site. These drafts should serve as a backup for your changes while you build a version ready for publishing.

Saving and Publishing

Once you are ready to update your Navo on your SharePoint site, click the Save & Publish button in the top right of the page.

You should receive the same prompt as you would when saving as a draft. In the space provided, give your version a name so it’s easier to find later when browsing your History. Finally, click Save to save your changes to your SharePoint site.

Where Your Drafts are Stored

When you save changes as a draft, they will appear in your History as a minor version. For more information on using version history, see Using Version History.