Does Navo require Microsoft 365?

Nope! You can use both the browser extension and the web app without a Microsoft 365 subscription. You only need Microsoft 365 if you want Navo for SharePoint.

Doesn’t SharePoint have navigation out of the box?

Yes, SharePoint has built in navigation, but it is focused on giving you an overview of what exists in a single site collection. There is no functionality in SharePoint to build navigation that traverses multiple site collections. Any good SharePoint implementation makes use of many sites to properly architect collaboration spaces and store content. In addition, SharePoint’s navigation does not give you the level of visual customization that Navo does.

What about hub sites?

Hub sites in SharePoint Online allow you to join multiple site collections together and enable navigation that connects them. However, it would be against best practices to join every site in your organization to a single hub site. As hub sites are intended to connect various groups within an organization, the issues caused by joining every site to a hub outnumber the benefit of hub site navigation.

What are modern SharePoint sites?

As part of the Office 365 groups experience, Microsoft has created new modern experiences for SharePoint. While these sites are easy for users to use and understand, they also present new challenges for SharePoint administrators and developers, as the ability to customize sites through master pages and other traditional methods is no longer supported. Traditional methods of site customization have been replaced with the SharePoint Framework, which Navo is built on top of.

Can I use Navo with SharePoint on-premises versions?

Navo is a cloud first solution, but we do have a "Navo On-Prem" program you can ask us for more information about.

Can I use Navo on classic sites?


Why can't I use custom scripts like Navo on my SharePoint site?

Some SharePoint sites don’t allow custom scripts, which may prevent Navo from working properly. In this case, follow the 5 simple steps in this TechNet article to enable custom scripts.

Why isn't my subsite on the Manage SharePoint screen?

Navo only displays top level sites on the manage SharePoint screen. However, you can still add Navo to subsites.

Which browsers support Navo?

We test Navo in all modern web browsers and popular mobile browsers.

Can I make navigation items only visible for certain people?

Yes. Follow these steps to set up security trimming. Please note that this does not change site permissions, but and simply hides menu items on Navo navigation.

Can external site users see Navo?

By default, your external users cannot see Navo. If you would like Navo to be visible to your external users, please follow the steps in this article: Activating External Users Support.

I can't see Navo on my desktop/laptop.

If you can't see Navo on your desktop or laptop, please try these simple steps before contacting Navo support:

  1. Double check that Navo is enabled for the site you are in, and that the site you are in is not a subsite.
  2. Next, try a "force refresh" using Ctrl + F5 on Windows or Cmd + R on Mac. 
  3. Clear your browser's cache, close your browser, then open it again and log back into SharePoint. Click here for instructions on how to clear your cache based on your specific browser.

If you've tried all of these steps and Navo still does not appear, please open a ticket with Navo support and we will work with you to troubleshoot the issue.

I can't see Navo on my phone.

Navo is supported in mobile browsers, but not in the SharePoint app. 

If you are using SharePoint through your phone's browser and Navo is still not visible, please try clearing your phone's browser cache before contacting support. Click here for instructions on how to clear your cache based on your specific phone browser.

If Navo is still not visible on your phone, please open a ticket with Navo support and we will work with you to troubleshoot the issue.