Navo for SharePoint makes use of the SharePoint API Provider service to deliver Navo to your SharePoint tenancy. When you first activate Navo for SharePoint you'll need to accept a few permissions in your SharePoint tenancy. To perform the following steps you'll need to be an Office 365 Global Administrator.

How to Approve Permissions

  1. Open your SharePoint Admin centre
  2. On the left hand side, expand Advanced option and open the API Accesspage.
    • If you don't see the Advanced option, you might be in the old SharePoint admin centre. If so, there should be a link at the top of your screen which takes you to the new SharePoint admin centre.
  3. You should see at least 3 unique pending approvals waiting for you. You may have approvals from other apps waiting there as well.
  4. Select the following permissions and click Approve or Reject and then Approve to accept them. You only need to do this once per permission type:
    1. Navo - user_impersonation
    2. SharePoint Online Client Extensibility Web Application Principal - user_impersonation
    3. Windows Azure Active Directory - User.Read

When approving permissions you may get an error (usually a 500 code error). Almost always your request to accept has gone through but not been processed yet. If you wait a Microsoft Minute, your request should show as approved.