Masthead makes use of the SharePoint API Provider service to deliver Navo to your SharePoint tenancy. When you first activate Navo, or if you update to Version 1.3, you'll need to activate a few permissions for everything to work.

To perform the following steps you'll need to be an Office 365 Global Administrator.

Granting Masthead Permission

  1. Open your SharePoint Admin center by going to https://<Your Tenancy Here>
  2. Open up the modern admin center by clicking the Try it now banner.
  3. On the left hand side, expand Advanced and open the API Management Page
  4. You should see at least 3 uniquepending approvals waiting for you.
    • Due to a bug in SharePoint, you may see duplicate requests. Microsoft is currently working on this issue.
  5. Select the following permissions and click Approve or Reject and then Approve to accept them.You only need to do this once per permission type:
    1. Masthead - user_impersonation
    2. SharePoint Online Client Extensibility Web Application Principal - user_impersonation
    3. Windows Azure Active Directory - User.Read