A Microsoft Minute is defined as a period of time which could be as little as five seconds and as much as one hour. Usually, a Microsoft Minute is observed while watching a screen that says Working on it… with a spinner. What makes a Microsoft Minute so amazing is that each one is unique. How do we know that? Well, you could complete the same process twice, and in one instance have it take no time at all, while the second time it takes an hour!

Nobody knows the source of a Microsoft Minute, but we continue to live at their whim. So, the Navo team came up with this list of ways to spend your next Microsoft Minute! Check it out: 

  1. Have a snack 
  2. Have a beer...or a glass of whiskey 
  3. Drop and do some push-ups
  4. Go down a YouTube rabbit hole 
  5. Take a great selfie and make it your new profile picture 
  6. Have a power nap
  7. Get to Zero Inbox
  8. Stare at the wall, ceiling, or floor
  9. Make some macaroni art and pin it to your fridge 
  10. Go outside and take a walk 
  11. Delete the apps on your phone that you never use 
  12. Pick up the phone and call your parents or a friend 
  13. Recite your ABCs 
  14. Read the label of a nearby household product
  15. Make a fortune teller out of some printer paper 
  16. Learn a new skill (for example, basket weaving)
  17. Drum on the surface of your desk
  18. Do a barrel roll