Once Navo for SharePoint is set up and ready to go you need to add it to the sites. The Manage Sites page lets you easily add Navo to any site collection in your SharePoint Tenancy. You can also enable Tenant Wide Mode to add Navo to every modern SharePoint site in your tenancy.

How to add Navo to a SharePoint site

  1. Open up the Manage Sites page. You can also find a link to it on the deploy screen.
  2. Look through the table to find the site you're looking for. You can filter the table or use search to help filter down the sites.
    • Searching looks through both the title and the site URL
  3. Once you find the site you want to add Navo to, click the switch to enable Navo on the site.
    • If Navo is already enabled on a site, you can click the switch again to disable Navo on the site.