When you first log in to the Navo Admin Centre, you'll land on the Editor screen. Your editable menu will appear on the left side of the screen, and a preview of your menu will appear on the right. You can choose which live preview you'd like to see as you make changes to your menu using the LIVE PREVIEW dropdown menu at the top of the preview screen. 

How to add a new item

  1. Click the ADD NEW ITEM button at the bottom of your menu
    • You can also click the playlist_add button on a item to add an item within it
    • If you hover over an item, you can also click the add below it to add an item below it
  2. Add information to the item. The only required field for a new item is a title.
  3. Click Save at the bottom to finish adding the item.

Item Options

The only required field for a new menu item is the title. The title is the text that appears in the navigation menu. Besides a title, you can also set: 

  • A URL: This is the web page that will open when the menu item is selected by the end user. You can leave the URL field blank for header items.
  • Trim to Groups: By default, every user in your organization will see the items that you add to your menu. You can choose to limit who can see this menu item by selecting a group under Trim to Groups.
  • A Description: Add a description about the menu item that will appear for the end user when they hover over the item in the Navo Web App.
  • Tags: Add additional search terms your end user may use to search for this item in your menu.
  • An Icon: Click the icon square in the top left of the screen to select an icon to appear on your menu item.

SharePoint Menu Options 

There are some options that are specific to how the menu item will appear in Navo for SharePoint. You can choose whether the item will appear as text only, text with the icon, or as an icon only. You can also choose whether the item launches in the same browser window, or in a new browser window.