There are a number of locations in the Navo Editor where options specific to SharePoint exist. 

Menu Items 

When you create menu items, SharePoint specific settings appear at the bottom of the Editor window. Choose whether the item appears in the SharePoint menu as text only, an icon only, or both text and an icon. You can also choose whether to launch the menu item in the same browser window or in a new window. 

Secondary Menu 

You can create a secondary menu for SharePoint, which appears on the right side of the menu bar on your SharePoint page. These items automatically appear as an icon only, but you can choose to have them appear as text only, or with both the icon and text. You cannot add child menu items to the secondary menu. 


You can create a footer for your Navo menu in SharePoint. The footer will appear at the bottom of all your SharePoint pages where Navo is turned on. The footer can include both menu items and text. When adding menu items to the footer, your options include title, URL, and launch behaviour. You can also add plain text to your footer.


Under Displaypalettein the left-hand navigation bar, there are display settings specific to SharePoint. These settings include menu display styles, your organization logo, and selections for the background and font colour of your SharePoint menu.

At the bottom of the SharePoint display settings menu, you'll find additional options for menu behaviour. These include: 

  • Filterable Menu. When turned on, a search field appears in the secondary menu to search your menu items.
  • Open On Hover. When turned on, the SharePoint menu automatically opens when you hover over it.
  • Display Secondary Menu. When turned on, the secondary menu options appear on the right side of your SharePoint menu.
  • Display Footer. When turned on, the footer will appear on all SharePoint pages where Navo is applied.


The steps for deploying Navo are listed under the Deployscreen_share icon in the left-hand navigation bar. For more information on how to implement Navo on SharePoint, click here: [SharePoint support articles]