The Navo app in Microsoft Teams lets you access your menu at any time when you log in to teams. Using the Teams Administration centre, you can set Navo to be pinned on the side for all your users.

How to Pin the Navo Teams App

  1. Open the Teams Admin page from Office 365 Admin Portal. In the left toolbar select Teams Apps > Setup Policies
  2. Click + Add to add a custom policy
    • We recommend adding a new policy, but if your org does not allow custom policies, you can edit the Global (Org-wide default) to add Navo instead
  3. Give your new policy a title such as "Navo App Policy" and enable Upload custom apps. Save your policy.
  4. You should be back on the App setup policies page. Now click the check next to the policy you just created, then click Manage users
  5. Search for and add users you wish to apply this policy to then click Apply
  6. Ensure the checkmark is still your new policy and click Edit
  7. Click +Add apps and in the Search by name box, type Navo
  8. Select Navo and click Add
  9. Click the check next to Navo, and then Move up or Move down to place Navo in the toolbar. We'd recommend it at the very top
  10. Once done, Navo will now appear in the toolbar. It can take up to an hour or more before Navo appears in the navigation pane