Navo supports different platforms depending upon what kind of account you have. For a list of what platforms your account supports, the deploy page in the admin centre is the best place to check. Our full list of supported platforms is below.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Extension

The Navo browser extension gives you instant access to Navo on any page, at any time. Plus, with the power of the omnibox, every link in your menu is a few keystrokes away. You can read more about using the browser extension here.

Navo Web App

The Web App lets you access Navo through any web browser at any time, whether you're on a mobile app or a desktop computer. You can read more about the web app here.

Microsoft Teams

Navo in Microsoft Teams gives you access to the web app directly in Teams.

If you're an administrator, we have information about deploying our Microsoft Teams app here.

Navo for SharePoint

Navo for SharePoint gives you a beautiful, consistent navigation menu across any SharePoint site, including classic sites. Navo for SharePoint includes some exclusive features, like a secondary menu, as well as its own unique display styles. You can read more about using Navo for SharePoint and managing it in our Navo for SharePoint guide.