The Navo browser extension for Microsoft Edge gives you and your team instant access to your navigation at any point. By using Microsoft Intune, your organization can automatically deploy the Edge browser extension to all of your controlled Windows PCs.

If you're editing a policy that's applied to existing computers, or applying a new policy to existing computers, it may take a while for the new policy to take effect.

How to Setup Microsoft Intune to Deploy the Navo Edge Extension

  1. If you don't already have one, create a policy to deploy Edge to Windows 10 PCs
  2. Create a profile to manage Microsoft Edge (or edit an existing one)
  3. Open the User Configuration section of the profile
  4. Search for the action Control which extensions are installed silently and add it to the profile
  5. Paste "baodfofnkldapapdcjiifnmdijkcgmmk" into the input box
  6. Save all changes
  7. If this is a new policy, make sure it's applied to any users you want the policy to effect