The Navo Web App is accessible at any time and on any internet-connected device. Whether it's a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, loading up Navo will give you your menu wherever you are.

If you're looking to get the most out of Navo, the below tips will help you out:

  • You can search the menu at any time using the search bar at the top. Navo searches through your menu, and looks at each item's information (such as URL, description, and tags) and the folder the item is in to help you find what you're looking for.
  • If you hold control when you click an item it will open that item in a new tab.
  • If you click the account_circle in the top right corner it will slide out your preferences menu. Here, you can:
    • Switch between light and dark mode
    • Customize Navo's layout on that device
    • Logout of your account

  • If you're using Google Chrome, you can pin Navo as an app on your device. Just click the Install Navo menu item on a computer, or click Save to Home Screen on a mobile device in Chrome settings.