Welcome to Navo! Navo is a tool for organizing your shared bookmarks, whether you're in a large organization or a small team. Some people use Navo for sharing customer information, others use it for mapping out their intranet, and still others use Navo to centralize their tools and services. However you do it, Navo works the same: as your administrator updates bookmarks over time, Navo stays in sync and you can always count on it to be up to date across all your devices.

If you're on this page, you've probably recently been invited to a Navo organization. Whoever invited you is an admin, and they have the power to add new users and edit the bookmarks. Right now you're a user, which means you can see the bookmark menu, but can't edit it.

To start using your menu, you'll need to use one of our apps:

  • If your Navo account has been connected to Microsoft 365, Navo can also be added to SharePoint. If you don't see it there yet, you can ask your Navo admin about deploying it.

Once you've used Navo for a bit, you'll probably have some feedback and ideas about how to make your menu better. All administration of Navo is done through the admin centre. Either let your existing admins know what changes you want to make or, if you're lucky, they'll make you an admin and you can get started administrating Navo.